Tuesday, 29 January 2019


That’s my second bottle of this little miracle from The Body Shop - Drops of Youth Concentrate (link attached). 
My skin is very sensitive and I need to be careful what products I'm using, most of times I go back to my "back up face cream" but with this concentrate and youth cream my face feels smoother, brighter and fresh all day. 
Product is 100% vegan, dermatologically tested, enriched with community trade babassu oil and suitable for sensitive skin. Forever against animal testing.AD. 


Don’t we all know that feeling when you just want to go out, not putting lots of effort and still looking hot (AF!) sorry, I had to say it!  I’m sure lots of you will agree with me. I don’t really wear anything like you can see on picture attached but when I saw this lounge set from Femme Luxe I just had to have it. Love the high waisted bottoms for hundreds reasons (I just hate my stomach) and this crop top complement nicely this whole look.


Last week I was invited to a very interesting event with Seedlip drinks for non -alcoholic cocktail making but I could't make it because my childminder let me down in last minute soo Seedlip drinks kindly sent me bottle of their worlds first non alcoholic spirit to try at home. 

Spice 94 - non alcoholic, zero calories, sugar & sweetener free with no artificial  flavours. Water, Natural Botanical Distillates & Extracts 
A complex blend of aromatic Jamaican Allspice berry & Cardamom distillates with two barks & a bright citrus finish. Simply serve with tonic & a red grapefruit peel garnish.  
Speedlip Spice is aromatic with warm spiced notes from Lemon & Grapefruit peel and a ling bitter finish from the highest quality barks (oak & cascarilla)   

To make my cocktail you will need: 
-lots of ice 
slice of red grapefruit
- rosemary 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Femme Luxe - Black Tie Front One Shoulder Jumpsuit - Heather

Another jumpsuit, this one is more for going out. Once again, few years ago I wouldn't be confident enough to wear anything like this but I started accepting my body and I just love how this bodysuit fits. Most of my going out outfits are covering top of my body but I quite like this cut out on waist length, your curves are highlighted and I think black tie on front looks super cute and sexy.    

What do you guys think? 
jumpsuit: Femme Luxe 

FEMME LUXE - Black High Neck Ribbed Jumpsuit - Yasmine

What do you guys think about this outfit? Femme Luxe kindly send me this black high neck ribbed jumpsuit (link attached) , I'm in love with this outfit. 
I know is only January but I'm planing my spring/summer outfits. Having this jumpsuit in my wardrobe will defiantly make appearance this summer. 
  My sense of dress changed since I started blogging (I know I say this all the time but it is true) also my body shape changed since I give birth to my son. I'm more confident with my body then I was about 4 years ago and also wearing outfits like this one makes me feel feminine and sexy.

I'm wearing: jumpsuit:  Femme Luxe 
belt: Primark