Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Secret Saviours Support Pack

Being pregnant is such a wonderful time. All preparations for baby when arrive and time spend together. Organising baby's room and all these small clothes!!! 
Women's body is changing during pregnancy and don't forget to look after yourself. 
I would say that all women want to go back to shape from before pregnancy. 
My big nightmare was/is stretch marks. From early pregnancy (since I find out I'm pregnant) I start using stretch marks creams and preparing skin (moisture few times a day and using body scrubs) for future changes. 
With time when my bums start getting bigger I was approached by lovely people from Secret Saviours intrudusing multitasking Support Band, Day Gel and Night Cream. 
Support Band has been design with pads arranged in random parents. These special pads help hold skin in place. Band fits snugly over bump leaving  faint impression on skin - that's mean it's working. 
I'm wearing my band during a day and take off just before I go for a bath. 
Day gel prepares skin to grip the Support Band more effectively, keeps the band in place to help stop stretch marks from forming. 
Night cream has been created with a unique formulation of ingredients to keep skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. 
Secret Saviours pack was created by surgeon and tissue engineering professor and is scientifically proven to help prevent stretch marks. 
To be honest I wasn't sure if this product will work...and also wearing band during a day... I thought is to much effort to do that!! With time I forgot that im wearing band during a day and also you cannot see it. 
I start using product when I was 20 weeks pregnant, now I'm 33 weeks pregnant and no stretch marks!!!

Secret Saviour pack cost £69.95 and you can order directly from their web page or from Amazon. (very fast postage) 

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