Friday, 30 January 2015


My latest #ootd, wearing Zara dress that I bought on Sale. 
Love when Zara sale price tag got one price and then you going to pay for it and price is less.
Dress fits perfectly now and I hope still will look good after pregnancy. 
I'm wearing: 
top, coat, necklace: Primark 
dress: Zara 
boots: H&M 
watch, bracelet: Guess

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Today's #ootd , I'm wearing: 
top: George at Asda 
skiet: Choices 
bag: Zara 
boots: Topshop 
necklace: Primark

Friday, 23 January 2015


My latest look of the day. 
This top I got from Zara sale. Love Zara especially when on tag says one price and then when you going to pay for it is even cheaper!!! I like! 
Me and the bump are great. Baby is growing and mowing more and more. Just can't wait to see him! 

Today I'm wearing: 
coat, gloves: Primark 
top, scarf: Zara 
jeans, boots: H&M
bag: Present 
necklace: New Look

Saturday, 10 January 2015

29th week of my pregnancy

My pregnancy is now is 3rd trimester and I'm getting bigger :) 
My clothes are not fitting me as I would love them to fit but i said to myself that I won't buy any meternity clothes apart of jeans :) 
My day-to-day clothes are oversize anyway soo I still wear tops from before pregnancy.

Today I'm wearing: 
coat: Topshop 
jumper, heels: Primark
jeans: H&M 
hat: Reserved
necklace: Bday gift 

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Today's look of the day. I'm wearing my fav a'la Chanel blazer with neon top. 
My baby bump is getting bigger now and actually you can tell that I'm pregnant.  
There is only 3 months left. Can't wait to see my little baby!!
I'm wearing: 
blazer: Chiara Fashion 
top: Primark 
maternity jeans: H&M
boots: Topshop 
necklace: Bday present